Nonstatic Urban Planning

Two major urban planning issues facing Kerala today are water scarcity and solid waste management.  The approach to water scarticy is encouraging water conservation through daily practices.  Non-flushing toilets and taking bucket baths or bathing in the river greatly reduce water consumption. 

After this year’s failure to open a new solid waste disposal plant, Corporation officials, ”hope that the citizens would seriously consider setting up solid waste management mechanisms in their households this year and save them from further headache.”  It is typical to see people burning piles of rubish outside their homes as a form of personal “solid waste management.”  While the volume of litter is alarming, the citizens of Kerala seem to produce much less inorganic solid waste than Americans regularly consume.  The three R’s are practiced religiously: minimal packaging, minimal use of paper products such as napkins (no toilet paper or paper towels to dry hands); glass bottles are collected and sent back to the bottling plant for reuse; plastic is recycled. 

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